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"I would like to share my recommendation for your services:

Clearly the Unwired value proposition is compelling as it is priced at less than 50% of competing offerings, prompting the question of what do you give up. I was pleased to discover...... nothing.
The installation was very conscientious and calibrated for maximum signal strength. Questions are responded to immediately with clear explanations and a knowledge letting you know they have direct access to the monitoring information of their system. I can highly recommend Unwired."
– Ray H. from Mundelein

We are Unwired Llc

In 2009 we set out to create a better communications company.  One that was not bound by an antiquated wired network, but provided a value-based service, and actually spoke to you like a human being when you called for help.  


The Unwired Value Proposition; provide the best possible service at a lower price than the other guys.

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